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eco wooden pools plastica

Our Eco Wooden Pool Range consists of 2 models (see below) and are specifically designed to give customers the luxury of a complete pool package at a low cost.

Eco Package Contents:

Package contains:

• Redwood Wall Structure

• Two Piece Softwood Top

• Corner Cover Plates

• Internal Stainless Ladder

• External Softwood Ladder

• Felt Underlay for floor

• 0.375mm Plain Blue Liner

• Skimmer and Return Fitting

• 360mm Sand Filter

• 6-way Multiport Valve

• 0.75hp Pump

• Flexible Pipe and Fittings

• Installation Manual

Our Eco pools are manufactured in the UK by Plastica, one the the most respected brands in the swimming pool industry.

Eco Wooden Swimming Pool Options

Small Eco 4.2m Octagonal

Large Eco 5.6m Octagonal

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Prices & Options

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Prices & Options

eco wooden pools plastica eco wooden pools plastica

If you have any questions about any of our Eco Wooden Swimming Pools please contact us today. Telephone 01536 420400 or go to our Contact Us page.

Please note: Illustrations not to scale and all measurements are approximate and subject to change without prior notice

Eco or Eco Plus Package?

Our Eco Plus packages are our heated pool options. Eco Plus Electric Package includes an Electric Heater, which is cheaper to install and the Eco Plus Heat Pump Package includes an air source heat pump. Although this initially costs more, it is much more efficient. Our SwimPool Heat Pumps are one of the most economical ways to heat your pool water. For every £1 of electricity you get the equivalent of £5 worth back.

What our customers say...

“I would highly recommend Panache Pools for anyone looking to have a quality pool installed with the minimum of disruption.”

Mr M. S., Ufford, Peterborough.

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Eco Wooden Pools from Panache Pools. Eco range of wooden swimming pools. Manufactured in the UK by Plastica.

Electric Heaters

Easy to install. Safe, reliable and efficient. Included in Premium Plus Electric Package.

electric pool heater

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide low running costs. Included in Premium Plus Heat Pump Package.

swimming pool heat pumps

Filtration Enclosure

Matches your pool and houses your pool equipment.

filtration enclosure

Reel Systems

To ease the use of your solar cover.

pool cover reel system

Underwater Light Kit

An underwater light to extend your swim time into the evening.

underwater light for wooden pool

LED Lights

Mini Chroma White or RGB LED light options.

Counter Currents

Turn your pool into an exercise pool. New build or retro-fit.

badu jet impulse aquajet 50 counter current

Pool Cleaners

Automatic suction pool cleaners.